rechne.exe • Installation

The compiled binary of rechne.exe does not require an installation and can be copied or moved arbirtrarily. The download archiv can be extracted and the contained program ('exe' extension) can be executed.

rechne.exe binary is avialable for:
To make rechne.exe work on other platforms or to apply changes, the sources can be compiled using the Makefile.


Compilation of rechne.exe requires gcc, make, kerner-headers and the math library (libm.a). Using MinGW rechne.exe can be compiled on Windows, too.

Compilation steps: > gunzip
> make

Target en

The source code contains both, English and German texts (manual pages and other outputs).
The target "en" allows for compiling the sources with English texts. This is the default setting (equals "make"). > make en

Target de

The target "de" allows for compiling the sources with Geman texts. > make de

Target clean

The target "clean" removes all previously compiled files. These are object files (obj folder), the library file (lib folder) and the binary (bin folder). > make clean