rechne.exe is an open source command line calculator which is highly functional and very easy to use. rechne.exe supports a lot of mathematical functions, complex numbers, calculation with big numbers and is well documented. Download rechne.exe Download rechne.exe Version 2.2  •  English  •  Windows (32 Bit) All files and versions
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  • provides an easy-to-use interactive shell mode
  • can easily be intergrated into shell scripts
  • can transfer numbers from any numbering system into any other (e.g.: binary numbers into hex numbers into decimal numbers...)
  • can handle complex numbers
  • provides over 40 mathematical functions, such as log, sin, cos, ...
  • provides detailled manual pages with many examples on how to use rechne.exe or a particular function
  • allows for unlimited nesting of terms by the use of brackets
  • allows for saving numbers under a name, e.g. for a frequent use
  • allows for referencing the last solutions in your current input
  • provides a big-number mode for calculation with very large integers (RSA 4096 is no problem)
  • provides an independent hardware speed test by executing some expensive calculations and measuring the time
  • does not depend on external libraries and for this reason is portable
  • provides a static library for easy integration in C/C++ programs
  • allows for defining own functions
  • factorization of not too large numbers


X earth!
X earth!


rechne.exe and its sources are published under the GNU General Public License (version 3). Feel free to use, copy or edit rechne.exe under the terms of this license.
Please note: As stated in GPL rechne.exe comes with absolutely no warranty.
A copy of this license comes with the download archive.